It’s a natural fit, pairing AWS’ cloud with Dynatrace’s observability platform for the best-in-class cloud observability experience.

Here are 5 of the top reasons to implement them in tandem:
Cloud Observability - RFD = AWS + Dynatrace

  1. Automation: Dynatrace uses AI and Machine Learning to detect, diagnose and even remediate issues in real-time, reducing the need for manual intervention. You get best-in-class observability and actionable alerts across all layers of the AWS stack, including applications, infrastructure, and user experience.
  2. Cloud-native: Dynatrace is a cloud-native solution, designed to work seamlessly with AWS. This means that organizations can easily deploy Dynatrace in their AWS environment and start monitoring their IT systems immediately. Forget manual configuration, time to usefulness is practically nil.
  3. Collaboration: Dynatrace on AWS provides a common platform for role-based monitoring and troubleshooting. This enables IT teams to work collaboratively and share information about issues more easily, regardless of their location.
  4. Scalability: AWS is designed to be highly scalable, and Dynatrace scales with it, providing full-stack monitoring for organizations of all sizes. As more workload is added to the cloud they can easily expand their IT infrastructure and Dynatrace can scale to match their needs.
  5. Cost savings: By pairing AWS with Dynatrace, companies can save money on IT monitoring and management. Dynatrace’s automation and artificial intelligence reduce the need for manual intervention, and its cloud-native design reduce infrastructure and maintenance costs.

RFD & Associates, Inc. is both an AWS Partner with over 20 certificates and a Dynatrace Premier Partner, and has helped numerous organizations with all of the above. An inveterate ally for organizations in Texas and beyond, we take care to understand your mission and implement the optimal solution to ensure continued reliability.


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