CASE STUDY | Austin Independent School District

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Implementing an Oracle Engineered System Results in 70% Hardware Purchase Savings and Ongoing Cost Reduction Opportunities


Austin Independent School District (AISD) educates approximately 84,000 students and embraces 130 diverse school communities in one of the fastest-growing, ever-changing metroplexes in the country. AISD wanted to implement a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for the school district, which was going to require a huge investment of money, resources, and time. AISD knew going into this new implementation that careful planning at all stages of the process was going to be critical for a successful outcome.

For the future implementation, AISD had a number of options for the hardware platform to support the ERP system. One solution was to upgrade the current SAN environment with new storage for the database and to purchase additional servers for processing. Estimated costs on this solution was in excess of $400,000.


RFD worked with AISD to provide an Oracle Engineered system that would provide both the storage and the processing performance needed for the new ERP system. RFD and AISD selected the Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) because this engineered system provided every piece of the hardware puzzle needed to run the ERP. The ODA is a high performance, redundant, and expandable engineered system that can support the Oracle database and provide application performance in one complete system. The ODA also provided AISD with the Oracle on Oracle advantage by offering customers a fully integrated system of software, servers, storage, and networking that delivers high availability database services.


The results realized from using the Oracle Engineered ODA were a tremendous success, leading to both cost savings and increased performance of the Oracle database, including:

  • Increased savings, over 70%, on the hardware purchase
  • Reduced cost due to ease of future system maintenance and support
  • Cost-effective ODA expansion unit for additional data storage following the initial implementation by having the ability to seamlessly add to the ODA